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ReadThisThing (Aug 23rd, 2019)

Since Airbnb keeps the addresses of properties listed on its site hidden until a stay has been booked, cities seeking to enforce restrictions on short-terms rentals are reliant on so-called "home sharing" startups to share information with them - something many municipalities say the industry has been slow to do. That's where companies like Host Compliance come in, businesses that find contractors through online freelancer marketplaces and offer them financial incentives to use tools like Facebook, Zillow, Google Maps, and old-fashioned detective work to try to determine the actual physical address of vacation rental spots. "It is essentially doxing for money," said one contractor, as companies like Host Compliance "encourage the use of anything online to find these people," with workers paid as little as $2 for every correct identification. 

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The People Paid to Dox Airbnb Addresses

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