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ReadThisThing (Sep 9th, 2019)

The agent for world-famous soccer player Rose Lavelle describes her a "ruthless," with an aggressively vulgar verb prefacing that appellation. The starting center midfielder, who stands at 5'4" was raised in Cincinnati but, as reporter Haley O'Shaughnessy puts it, she plays like she's "from Barcelona." In a lengthy profile, Lavelle (who O'Shaughnessy says is "in line to become the next face of American soccer") says “I’m not really ballsy at all, in my normal life" and compulsively apologizes to people for minor issues like standing in someone's path. She began playing soccer at age five, and by the time she was eight, she'd joined a club team on which she learned the illusory footwork that would become her signature style. As a child, she called her playing style her "tricks," telling her mother "Mom, I fooled them. That’s how I got around that goal. I tricked them."

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Rose Lavelle Is Not From Around Here

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