Welcome to Inside!

Inside is a community that allows members to grow in their careers and continue to be top performers in their fields. The site also includes job postings and networking opportunities, making it the perfect place for professionals to connect. In addition, Inside offers exclusive content and resources that are not available anywhere else. This makes it an essential tool for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and trends.

Participating on Inside is recommended for anyone looking to gain knowledge and grow in their careers. We encourage a social, informative, and safe space. At Inside, we pride ourselves on providing a platform for honest discussion and debate. We believe that critical thinking and open dialogue are essential for a healthy society.

Our community guidelines support our three core tenets:
Being Member-centric
Excellence in Content
Foster Professional Innovation
Safe, Respectful, Professional Spaces
🚫 We do not allow harassment or discrimination.
Content that harasses, victimizes, or otherwise targets people based on characteristics like race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, disease, age, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity. This includes content that advocates for or encourages others to engage in violence against these groups. We care about the safety of our users and believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.
🚫 We do not allow the promotion of terrorism or violent extremism.
This type of content has no place at Inside. We want this to be a place where people can come together and share their perspectives, without fear of violence or hatred. We are committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming community for all users.
🚫 We do not allow the promotion of acts or threats aimed to harm others through violence.
This includes any content that could be interpreted as inciting or promoting violence. We also do not allow content that could be used to facilitate criminal activity. Our goal is to create a safe and respectful community for all users, and we believe that this guideline is essential to achieving that goal. If you see something on Inside that you believe violates this guideline, please report it to our team so that we can take appropriate action. Thank you for helping to keep Inside a safe and supportive space for everyone.
🚫 We have zero tolerance for any material that features or promotes child sexual exploitation.
Anyone found to be hosting or sharing it will be immediately banned from our site. Do not use Inside in any way to encourage, facilitate, or engage in the abuse or exploitation of children. We will report any instances of child sexual exploitation to the appropriate authorities.
🚫 We do not allow the publishing, posting, threatening to, or incentivizing others to share other people's private information.
We believe that everyone has a right to privacy and that no one should have to worry about their personal information being shared without their consent. This guideline extends to all forms of private information, including but not limited to addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, financial information, and medical records.
🚫 We do not allow the use of Inside for any unlawful purpose or in furtherance of illegal activities.
This includes but is not limited to using Inside to sell, buy, or facilitate transactions in illegal goods or services, as well as certain types of regulated goods or services. If you see this behavior, please report it to us immediately so we can keep Inside safe.
🚫 We do not allow posting or sharing content that may suppress participation or mislead people about when, where, or how to participate in a civic process.
This includes content that encourages people to vote at a time or place other than when or where voting is allowed, discourages people from voting, misinforms people about the requirements for voting, misleads people about the outcome of a vote, or suppresses turnout by discouraging voting content. If you see this kind of content, please report it to us.
🚫 We do not allow the posting or sharing of graphic content or sexually explicit adult content.
This includes but is not limited to images or videos that depict violence, nudity, or sexual activity.
🚫 We do not allow platform manipulation.
This includes but is not limited to attempts to break the website or disruptions to the way Inside is intended for use.
🚫 We do not allow posting, promoting, or sharing spam.
Spam is unsolicited and often unwanted messages, typically sent in large quantities. It can be annoying at best and dangerous at worst. That's why we have a zero-tolerance policy for spam here on Inside. This includes but is not limited to posts and comments on posts.
🚫 We do not allow self-promotion outside of your user profile and bio.
At Inside, we believe that self-promotion is a valuable skill that everyone should learn. However, we also believe that there is a time and a place for it. Our policy is designed to strike a balance between these two beliefs. We allow users to promote themselves in their own profiles and bios, but we do not allow them to use our platform for general self-promotion. This includes promoting yourself, your business, or creating separate accounts to do so. Participating on Inside means we all have an agreement to share information with the community so we all have a clear space to learn, talk, and grow. If we find constantly promoting yourself, we may have to ban you from Inside.
Violating these guidelines will result in consequences against your account or even a permanent ban.
βœ… Using your real name:
In order to create a safe, supportive, professional environment for everyone, it is required to set up your profile using your real name. We want everyone who participates on Inside to be transparent about who they are and we do not allow deception, fraud, or attempts to mislead others. We do not allow the impersonation of others or false information about yourself. If someone is impersonating you, please report it to us immediately.
βœ… Using your real profession:
Creating a trustworthy community is essential to our success at Inside. We know that in order for our members to feel comfortable sharing their experiences and knowledge, they need to know that the community is one they can trust. That's why we place such a high importance on truthfulness and transparency. We want everyone who comes to Inside to feel like they can rely on the community for accurate information. And part of creating that community is making sure that our members are truthful about the companies they work for.
Tips for Success on Inside
Share & Create

Inside is for professionals to curate findings and share experiences and more!

Tips for sharing on Inside

  • Keep news briefings, well, brief.
  • Confirm accuracy of any shared curated content to keep your fellow community members informed and build trust with others.
  • Avoid self-promotion, spam, or endangering the community.
  • Confirm accuracy of any shared curated content to keep your fellow community members informed and build trust with others.

Tips for creating on Inside

  • Add value to your followers on Inside to build trust between you and them.
  • Think about experiences, expertise, or knowledge you have that others might be able to learn from you in comments.
  • Understand that we all may have different viewpoints on certain topics, but should remain respectful.
  • Coming soon! Host live events for your followers.
Ask & Answer

Inside lets you ask the community of founders, investors, and builders questions and receive answers and tips on any of our topics.

Tips for asking on Inside

  • Ask genuine questions. Use this as an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and learn from others.
  • Choose the topic most relevant to your question and join to topics that interest you.
  • Keep the conversation going! Others watching and reading may be interested in your question so encourage them to engage with you.

Tips for answering on Inside

  • Scroll through all questions or find questions on your favorite topics.
  • Be mindful of our Community Guidelines when responding to questions.
  • If you find a post that you believe violates our Community Guidelines, please report it to us.
  • Use this as a chance to share your knowledge and remember the comments you post and upvote also show on your profile.
Hire & Apply

Inside provides a place for you to share job listings and browse open positions related to any of our topics.

Tips for posting jobs on Inside

  • Leverage Inside jobs by sharing your company’s job listing to the Inside community.
  • Keep job listings accurate to what a community member will see when clicking on your link.
  • Select up to three Inside topics relevant to your posting.

Tips for finding jobs on Inside

  • Anyone can share a job posting on Inside so know that companies leverage this to share their open roles!
  • On our Jobs tab, filter through open roles based on location, job type, Inside topics, and more.
  • Each posting will include a description of the job, the open position title, company, location, and relevant Inside topic.
  • Clicking β€œApply” will take you directly to the listing where you can read through the full job listing and proceed accordingly.