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Welcome to the latest issue of Inside Deals. We're having lots of fun writing this newsletter and would love for you to hit REPLY and let us know what you think of our selections below, and our overall approach to this newsletter.

Also, a note about monetization. We've started including Amazon affiliate links in the newsletter, which means if you buy the products we link to, we'll make money from Amazon. However, we are committed to linking to products we feel great about promoting. Our goal here is to deliver value to you with the newsletter, and if the affiliate fees help us invest more resources into delivering value, that's a win-win. So, if you DO buy one of the products, we'd appreciate if you do it by clicking the links in the newsletter. On to the deals:

Hi there,

Welcome to the first issue of Inside Deals! We're working hard to pull together a unique, high-quality curationĀ of discounts, recommendations, and stories that will save you money, make you money, offer you awesome experiences, and get you great products.

Each issue will feature the following:

  1. a link to a truly exceptional product that our team loves (discount or not)
  2. an insanely good discount on an awesome product
  3. a story/idea for passive or side project income
  4. a clever money saving hack/guide
  5. a cool DIY project that can save you $100+
  6. n crazy travel deal

In the interest of transparency, we'll also share with you the ways we make money from this newsletter down the road. Today, we aren't making any money from it. Soon, we'll likely add affiliate links so that we can make a small amount of money when you buy the products we recommend. Eventually, we may allow brands to promote their products/discounts in the newsletter, but we will always be sure you know which links were selected by our team and which were brought in via paid sponsorship.

We're really looking to you to help us form this into a product that delivers serious value to you on an ongoing basis. So please, hit reply and let us know what you think!