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1. Today marks the 25th anniversary of FreeBSD. The popular pioneering open-source operating system is used by the likes of Netflix and WhatsApp, and has fans throughout the world. In 1993, the FreeBSD foundation declared the day “FreeBSD day” after the official name for FreeBSD was agreed upon. Since then, thousands pay tribute to the project’s legacy and contributions every year. - FREE BSD FOUNDATION

2. The US Supreme Court will hear Apple’s appeal in a lawsuit arguing the company is taking advantage of its alleged iOS app monopoly to overcharge developers and consequently consumers. According to the class action lawsuit, developers are forced to raise prices because Apple takes nearly a third of app sales. The lawsuit argues this, in turn, causes consumers to pay more than necessary, thus breaking federal antitrust laws. However, Apple argues the lawsuit has no real legal standing as they do not directly charge consumers, just developers. - DEVELOPER-TECH

3. Positive Technologies researched and identified the top ten most common vulnerabilities found most often in web apps, with cross-site scripting ranking in at number one. The report goes onto note that 44 percent of web apps allow hackers to access personal data, while 65% of these vulnerabilities are due to coding errors.

"Web application security is still poor and, despite increasing awareness of the risks, is still not being prioritized enough in the development process," Positive Technologies cybersecurity resilience lead, Leigh-Anne Galloway, said. "Most of these issues could have been prevented entirely by implementing secure development practices, including code audits from the start and throughout." - TECH REPUBLIC

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1. Ceemple just open-sourced ZAPCC, a caching C++ compiler fork of Clang/LLVM. The new C++ compiler reportedly boasts “significant compilation speedups heavy templated C++ headers," full Linux support, and a number of other features. For full details, readers should click here.  REDDIT

2. According to Apple, Britain is leading iOS app development in Europe. More than 291,000 jobs in the UK are linked to the App Store, while British app developers have earned more than £2bn from the store. Germany and France come in second and third. - DEVELOPER-TECH

3. Pulumi captured attention today after it announced developers no longer need a cloud-specific configuration language to define the infrastructure for their applications. Using Pulumi's recently released tools, they can now use the same programming language used in their apps.

[Pulumi] lets you create all aspects of cloud programs using real languages and real code, from infrastructure on up to the application itself,” writes Pulumi CEO and Founder Joe Duffy. “Just write programs and run them, and Pulumi figures out the rest.”

Languages supported include JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go, and more.  -TECH CRUNCH

4. The 2018 Packt Skill Up Report has just been released. After surveying 8,000 respondents, the report found Python may be the next big thing in development as it is the language many developers want to learn the most. Meanwhile, the survey unsurprisingly found JavaScript and HTML/CSS were the top development languages, followed by PHP and Python. Node.js is the back-end tools and frameworks of choice, while jQuery ranks number one when it comes to the front-end. However, when it comes to the top Javascript framework, Angular wins. Read more here. - JAXENTER

5. Vue.js made history after it passed React.js in the number of Github users who showed their appreciation for the framework by “starring” it.

Congratulations to @vuejs for surpassing React’s star count on GitHub!” one React employee, whose tweet was one of the first to alert the internet of the news, wrote.Seems like I almost captured a historical moment by accident.”

The event sparked a debate, however, with some unconvinced the milestone reflected the framework’s usefulness and power, so much as its “hipness." - ZENDEV

7. Website security specialist SiteLock reveals small business and independent websites are being targeted more and more by cybercriminals. - BETA NEWS

8. Android’s celebrating app makers worldwide with the #IMakeApps campaign featured developers, founders, product managers, designers, and others worldwide. To be featured, use the hashtag #IMakeApps on your social channels with your project, description of your role, and more, or fill out a self-nomination form. - ANDROID DEVELOPERS BLOG

9. The software community is rushing to claim these free open source logos now available for use. - HACKER NEWS

10. Sara Hudson argues design’s key to success is ironically failure. - FAST CO.DESIGN

4. Using neural networks, artificial intelligence software adept at using data to automatically learn and improve, Google built a tool that successfully predicted one female patient’s death days in advance. The tool, still a work-in-progress, evaluates a variety of patient outcomes, from death to chances of re-admission and even how long a patient will stay in a hospital. Experts hope it will help improve healthcare software dramatically by moving away from slow hand-coded models-- “an obvious, gigantic roadblock” in health care, according to one anonymous Google researcher. - BLOOMBERG

5. Angular 6.1.0 beta.1 is now here. The second beta features nine bug fixes and nine features. Readers can learn more here. - JAX ENTER

6. Kotlin 1.2.50 is also now available. The update boasts improved Kotlin support in the Eclipse IDE plugin, a progressive compiler mode, new functions in common and JS parts of the standard library, improved experimental scripting support, and more. Check out more features here. - JAX ENTER

7. Visual Studio 2019 will include IntelliCode, an extension that aims to improve developer productivity. "Expect us to push the boundaries of individual and team productivity with capabilities like IntelliCode, where Visual Studio can use Azure to train and deliver AI-powered assistance into the IDE,” writes Director of Program Management for Visual Studio, John Montgomery. - I-PROGRAMMER

8. Senior web developer Massimo Artizzu delves into some of the newest, yet unheard of, CSS units.  - DEV

9. In this detailed blog post, Adrian Rosebrock teaches developers how to perform face recognition in both images and video streams using OpenCV, Python, and deep learning. - PYIMAGESEARCH

10. Marty Jacobs argues the best way to become a programmer is to teach programming. - ZERO EQUALS FALSE

1. Facebook announced it is working on a large-scale internal rearchitecture of React Native. In its  “State of React Native 2018” post, the company says they will be overhauling the framework in three major ways. These include simplifying the bridge,  changing the threading model, and incorporating async rendering capabilities.

“We're working on a large-scale rearchitecture of React Native to make the framework more flexible and integrate better with native infrastructure in hybrid JavaScript/native apps,” Sophie Alpert, Engineering Manager on React at Facebook, explains. - REACT NATIVE

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