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March 26, 2021 🛡️ Biden to make firms report breaches / SolarWinds fixes critical RCE Orion bug / 40% of SaaS app users have lost data
March 25, 2021 🛡️REGULATORY REVIEW: Apple privacy doubted / Microsoft finally fixes PSExec bug / Facebook closes iOS, Android spying ring
March 24, 2021 🛡️PATCH WATCH: Critical ColdFusion bug fix / Firms failing to enforce DMARC policies / SECURITY M&A AND FUNDING: Orca snags $210M
March 23, 2021 🛡️RANSOMWARE ROUNDUP: Acer's $100M ransom / Black Kingdom targets Exchange Servers / 24 malicious Chrome extensions uncovered
March 22, 2021 🛡️CISO CORNER: Interview w/ Ric Longenecker / Acer could face $100M ransomware payment / CYBER BREACH MONDAY: 2.4M breach victims
March 19, 2021 🛡️Microsoft Defender includes Exchange fix / U.S. DoJ charges Kottmann over hacking / REvil ransomware uses Windows Safe Mode
March 18, 2021 🛡️SECURITY TRENDS: Cybercrime costs U.S. $4.2B / Microsoft product bugs rose 48% in 2020 / REGULATORY REVIEW: Firms challenge GDPR fines
March 17, 2021 🛡️ SECURITY M&A AND FUNDING: Coalition gets $175M / Researcher alters Azure SDK releases list / PATCH WATCH: IBM plugs critical bugs
March 16, 2021 🛡️RANSOMWARE ROUNDUP: Buffalo schools shut down / Microsoft ships 1-click ProxyLogon tool / Google rushes out patch for Chrome 0-day
March 15, 2021 🛡️CISO CORNER: Interview w/ Ed Bassett / Microsoft issues interim BSOD crash fix / CYBER BREACH MONDAY: 1.7M breach victims