Inside Security recent issues

April 19, 2021 🛡️CISO CORNER: Interview with Chris Eng / WordPress to block Google's FLoC tech / CYBER BREACH MONDAY: 25.4M breach victims
April 16, 2021 🛡️Russian firm recruited spies, alleges US / Codecov's Bash Uploader tool compromised / Judge: Google broke Aussie privacy law
April 15, 2021 🛡️REGULATORY REVIEW: Irish probe Facebook breach / Biden to sanction Russia over SolarWinds hack / Bug enables hackers to brick Kubernetes
April 14, 2021 🛡️PATCH WATCH: Microsoft patches 110 bugs / FBI deleted Exchange Servers' web shells / SECURITY M&A AND FUNDING: OneTrust pockets $210M
April 13, 2021 🛡️RANSOMWARE ROUNDUP: Capcom restores IT systems / Biden to name Inglis as cyber director / NAME:WRECK bugs affect 100M devices
April 12, 2021 🛡️CYBER BREACH MONDAY: 507.5M breach victims / Companies take 53 days to reveal breach / CISO CORNER: CISO pay jumped 12% in 2020
April 9, 2021 🛡️Dark web sells 500M LinkedIn users' data / Zoom platform falls to Pwn2Own hackers / PHI exposed in CareFirst BCBS breach
April 8, 2021 🛡️Attackers target Slack to deploy malware / Ransomware cartel claims exaggerated / REGULATORY REVIEW: Aussie privacy delay
April 7, 2021 🛡️PATCH WATCH: Google fixes 36 Android bugs / Senators want more SolarWinds hack info / SECURITY M&A AND FUNDING: Infinidome snags $2.4M
April 6, 2021 🛡️RANSOMWARE ROUNDUP: Attacks soared 485% / Apple Mail suffers from zero-click bug / Attackers targeting unpatched SAP apps