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“Our ad campaign in Inside’s newsletters led to our highest week of sales volume to date”

Rebecca Corliss (VP Marketing, Owl Labs)

How it works

A different approach to ads

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Trusted context

Our readers are the type of people who tune out programmatic ads. But they trust Inside to deliver smart, accurate news – and they extend that trust to our ad partners.

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Dynamic targeting

Most newsletter sponsorships are all-or-nothing. With Inside, we only show your ads to readers who fit the parameters you want (job function, industry, location, and interests).


Reporting & metrics

From real-time A/B testing of ad messaging to detailed reporting on deliviries, impressions, clicks, and more, you'll know how your campaign is doing from start to finish.

A few happy partners


Deep audience segmentation


Example partners: Twilio, SendGrid, Vettery, Digital Ocean, Hellosign, IBM Watson

Audience size: 95,000

Tech founders/execs

Example partners: Capshare, OWL Labs,, Oracle, Microsoft, SeedInvest, Gusto

Audience size: 40,000

Sales & marketing

Example partners: Netsuite, Hellosign, Squarespace,, Pipedrive, Drift, Mailchimp

Audience size: 75,000

High-earning consumers

Example partners: SimpliSafe, Casper, MVMT Watches, Squarespace, Dropbox, Mailchimp

Audience size: 375,000

Interest-based audiences

Example partners: AI, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, ecommerce, retail, social, Apple/iOS, cloud, VC, podcasting, and many more.

Audience size: 5K-100K


We have sophisticated readers in all the major metro areas, and you can run geo-targeted ad campaigns to reach them in their inboxes.

Audience size: 5K-100K

Custom targeting

Let us know what audience you're trying to reach, and we'll do our best to accomodate.

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